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  • pensacosi:

    How to make comics

    My first vine

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  • Tear - The Smashing Pumpkins

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  • courageisgraceunderpressure:

    "Just kiss like normal people kiss"
    I love them so so much

    Just thought I’d bring this back because there will never be a moment when this wasn’t the most perfect thing to happen to television

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  • Smashing Pumpkins - Soothe

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  • miguelalmagro:

    He llegado a borrar en mi espíritu toda humana esperanza. 
    Sobre toda alegría, para estrangularla, he ensayado la sorda acometida de la bestia feroz.

    ”—Arthur Rimbaud, Une saison en enfer (Una temporada en el infierno) Fragmento. Trad: Gabriel Celaya. 

  • thecomicsvault:

    DAREDEVIL #8 (June 1965)
    Art by Wally Wood
    Words by Stan Lee

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  • ljstuff:

    Inktober #5 Gerard Way’s new music video makes him look like a comic book character

    (Liking the new album a lot - espesh ‘Brother’)

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  • testsubject199:


    totally forgot to post this after I made it but w/e
    in class we had to make a conceptual collage about someone we idolise and… yeah x) 
    It’s inside of a little speaker! (because billie is a little speaker aaha get it)


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